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We are a family of 4, from Naxos, that τhe last 17 years work in a family business with boat equipment and service ( naxosmarinespanos.com ).

The father, Nikos Spanos, before that, was an electrician and he used to work in building constructions in Athens and on Naxos. As he has worked in almost all the professions that are relative with building constructions, he learnt very well how a good structure and a comfortable house can be completed.
The father and the son of the family, Nikos and John Spanos, who are responsible for naxosPlakahouses.com, combine the experience of a 63 years old man who has worked in many structures and the modern aspect of a 28 years old economist who has returned to live in Naxos and wants to start his business life as better as possible.

Living on Naxos for so many years, almost all the Naxians know us so, please ask anyone local to have an extra opinion about us.

These are some of our aspects…

  • Disgussions are always the best way to find the best solutions
  • Experience in building constractions
  • Emphasise in quality
  • Willing for client’s longtime satisfaction
  • Willing for cooperation till the end of construction
  • Willing for cooperation also after the end of construction
  • Transparency in building works (by everyday photographs)

Our first objective in everything we do, is doing the right job
Quality is all that matters

Below you may see some of the building constractions that we have allready done.

House we made at the same area

Eight years ago, we sold an other house at the same area in Plaka. Mr Fabrizio, an Italian economist, guided us and we guided him on how we would make for him the house that he was dreaming of. Six months later, the house was completed and since then, every year he comes on Naxos and enjoys his comfortable house and the wonderful view of Plaka area.

Below you may see some of the amenities that Mr. Fabrizio asked for and we made for him.

  • Seperate ground levels by making buildings of huge rocks
  • Naxos marble was used on all of the house floors
  • Special black & white marble in bathrooms
  • Specific stracture in order to have sun light in the downfloor bathroom
  • Built couches by cycladic aspect
  • Special parking space for 2 cars inspired by boat stacture

House that we transformed into a traditional coffee house

Ten years ago, we made a renovation to an old house at the old town of Naxos. It was made of stone as the old houses on Naxos are and we renovated it with stone and concrete walls so it is stable more than enough to be hired as a traditional coffee house. Now its name is Elia (Olive tree) and you may go there to have a look at it and have a wonderfull tranditional drink.

Below you may see some of the building structures that we made.

  • Stone decoration on the walls
  • Chimney and fireplace were added
  • Indoor stair made of wood
  • New wooden beam was added for stability and decoration
  • New floors made of reinforced concrete