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Frequentlt Asked Questions

Naxos is the biggest island in Cyclades and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is an island with 22000 people during winter which makes it a perfect place to live since you can find anything you want at any time.

Naxos is also a fast growing touristic island, which means that although it is very famous the last years, the prices of the houses have not raised yet so much. So you can buy with a very good ratio of quality and price.

Last but not least, Naxos is the most busy island in Cyclades during winter, which makes it the ideal place to live for young and older ages.

This depends on what the extras will be. For a example, a swimming pool may cost 15.000 euro or 20.000 euro depending on its size and on its function.
So, since the total cost of the extras is not a standard amount of money, you could just send us a quote with what would you prefer your house to have and we will get back to you with the total amount that it will cost.

This is something that will be agreed between us and the buyer. Usually a house like thats need about 8-12 months to be totally built although this can be flexible.

Naxos offers the opportunity to choose by yourself what kind of life you want to have.
Would you like to have a calm life, staying in your house most of the day and admiring the beautiful view?
Or, would you like to go out everyday to have fun with your family or friends?
In whichever kind of character you belong, you will have a great time any time!

Some of the facilities that you can find on Naxos during the year are:
Public hospital, private medical centers and doctors, athletic centers, restaurants, cafe, bars, fishing activities, windserf & kiteserf clubs, places for hiking & running, horse riding club and many many others.

As a result, Naxos is the ideal island in Cyclades to live both in winter and in Summer.