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About Naxos Plaka Houses

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Naxos is located next to Paros,about 20 miles souther to Mykonos and the latest years has become one of the most popular destinations in Cyclades for tourists and for people who want to buy their second house on a beautiful island.
Naxos, the biggest island in Cyclades, offers all the beauties of a Cycladic island. Combining the ancient paths into the town, the picturesque villages and some of the most beautiful beaches in Aegean, creates the prepositions for a more beautiful life than you dream of.

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At the south-west part of naxos where the most popular beaches are located, there is a very well-known area with one of the most beautiful beaches of Naxos named Plaka. At that area, placed on the hillside of a mountain there are two deatached and unfinished houses which are planned to be totaly built and sold under your choises and your dreams.

Below you may see some of the advantages of Plaka area.

  • Awsome sunset view
  • Outstanding 4km long beach near the houses
  • Touristic area with villas and fields
  • Calm at night and during the day
  • 9km to Naxos main town
  • 5km to Naxos airport
  • Fast growing region
  • Next to other very famous and beautiful sand beaches
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Seek home for rest, for home is best


House A is on the base of the full project. A villa of 100 Sq.meters and an 800 sq.meters area around it, is very close to a picturesque church that completes the outstanding sea view.

  • 2 bedrooms – 2 or 3 bathrooms
  • Big living room and kitchen
  • Outstanding view composed of great sea view and picturesque church
  • Enough space for garden, swimming pool and parking



House B is a villa of 95 Sq.meters and an 900 sq.meters area around it. It is located a bit higher that House A and has a beautiful view of Plaka area and Plaka Beach.

  • 2 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms
  • Big veranda facing the sea
  • 3 ground levels
  • Enough space for garden, swimming pool and parking



  • Seperate ground levels by huge rock or stone hences
  • Put a big or small swimming pool
  • Create a beautiful garden
  • Give a Cycladic architecture aspect (as in 3d) or not
  • Create built coaches or built beds

If you anything different for your new home, send us a message and we will come back to you with the total cost of it.